24:ans Servicecenter

Drakabygget 1293, 286 92 Örkelljunga


24:ans Servicecenter is your perfect destination for a relaxed and comfortable stay in the beautiful landscape of Skåne, near Örkelljunga. It offers simplicity and closeness to nature for those who are looking for a break from everyday stress.

At 24:ans Service Centre you will find spacious pitches, perfect for motorhomes and caravans.

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The 24th Service Centre also has a handy service shop where you can find what you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Here you can buy supplies, snacks and other necessities for your camping experience.

In addition to the service shop, the 24:ans Service Centre also offers entertainment in the form of billiards. Take the opportunity to challenge your friends or family members to an exciting game of pool and enjoy the camaraderie and laughter that comes with the game. It is a perfect activity to relax and have fun together during your stay at the site.

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Good to know

Before your stay at the 24th Service Centre, it is good to be aware that the pitches do not have an electrical connection. Make sure to bring enough battery chargers and other necessary supplies for a comfortable stay. During your stay, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding nature and take advantage of the amenities offered on site.

The WC is available at the 24:ans Service Centre during the times when the shop is open.

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