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Aavapark shines in northern tranquillity on the banks of the Tornio River, in Aavasaksha. If you want to experience true natural peace, this is the place for you. The campsite offers a cosy barbecue area where you can grill sausages in the river view - just remember to bring your own firewood.

The location of the Ghost Park is ideal: it offers direct access to snowmobile trails, so adventurous travellers can enjoy an action-packed experience.

Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted with the excellent fishing spot next to the area. This is the place where you can forget the rush and let the sounds of nature lull you into a tranquil mood.

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The nearest petrol station, Gulf Aavasaksa, is only about a kilometre away from Aavapark.

This ensures that even if you are staying in the lap of nature, all the services you need are close by. You can identify the area by the picture of the provincial flag, which serves as a sign for your arrival in Aavapark.

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When planning a trip to the Ghost Park, remember that there is no firewood for sale in the area, so you should bring it with you. In addition, the area's proximity to services and activities makes it an excellent base for exploring the area.

Our warm service welcomes you - book your place today to enjoy the unique northern hospitality and tranquillity.

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