Aglen Camp og Bobilparkering

Aglenvegen 1475, 7819 Fosslandsosen


Aglen Camp and Bobilparkering offer an idyllic stay at the far end of Otterøya, 40 km from Namsos, with the ocean as the nearest neighbor and a fabulous view over Folla. For those looking for an authentic experience of Norwegian coastal life, this place is a true paradise.

Here you can enjoy the day of sea fishing on the rocky cliffs, explore the rich marine life through diving with excellent visibility, or perhaps you want to hike in the island's lush forests and challenging mountains. For the children, we offer an adventurous troll park inspired by "The three goats roar", complete with a play park full of exciting play equipment.

There is Aglen Camp and Motorhome parking - a haven for outdoor life, adventure and family fun.

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Otterøya is an eldorado for nature lovers, with a rich wildlife including the Nordic region's northernmost deer tribe and white-tailed sea eagles sailing in the sky.

The island is connected to the mainland via a bridge, which makes accessibility easy.

The varied landscape invites you to adventure both in the forest and by the sea.

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Aglen Camp and Motorhome Parking is more than just an overnight stay; it is an experience. With facilities for divers and close proximity to abundant marine life, this location is perfect for those seeking maritime adventure.

When planning your stay, remember that this is a popular place for both young and old, so it may be a good idea to book early. Here you can create lifelong memories in true Norwegian nature.

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