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Allsåklubben 7, 956 92 Överkalix


Allsåklubbens Camping, located on the shores of Allsjärv - one of Sweden's most fish-rich lakes - offers a unique camping experience in Överkalix, Norrbotten. The campsite is known for its fantastic location and its generous spaces that never feel crowded. There are around 20 electric pitches and the opportunity to camp in large open spaces, making it ideal for both tents and caravans. For those who want more comfort, there are two cabins equipped with all the necessary facilities.

The campsite is also known for its wood-fired outdoor sauna which is available free of charge to guests, and offers boat and canoe rentals for those who want to explore Allsjärv and its surroundings.

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The area around Allsåklubbens Camping is rich in scenic experiences and leisure activities. The campsite is located near the Kalix River, known for its fishing of salmon, trout and grayling. The surrounding forest offers ample opportunities for berry and mushroom picking. In addition, during June and July, visitors can experience the midnight sun, and towards the end of August the northern lights begin to appear, offering a spectacular nature experience.

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Allsåklubbens Camping is more than just a campsite; it is part of local culture and tradition. Since 1961, the campsite has been a gathering place for lodge dancing, with famous Swedish and Finnish dance bands playing on certain evenings. Pets are welcome, making it a perfect destination for the whole family. To guarantee your place and get the best possible experience, it is recommended to book online and well in advance.

Welcome to an unforgettable stay at Allsåklubbens Camping, where nature and culture meet.

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