Asterholma Stugby


Asterholma, 22840 Lappo


Asterholma is a charming little island located in the municipality of Brändö in the northeastern part of Åland's fabulously beautiful archipelago. The cottage village consists of six modern cottages with room for four adults + children in each house.

Asterholma Stugby can offer you the perfect destination for relaxation among Åland's cobbles and islands. If you are more of a swimmer, there are many nice cliffs and small bays to explore. Chances are you'll find your own favorite spot.

If you're looking for peace and quiet, you honestly can't find a better area than here.

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Nature and the archipelago are what you will find here. It is far from cities, traffic jams and shopping malls.

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There is no grocery store on Asterholma, but you have to go to the neighbouring islands of Lappo or Torsholma to buy your food.

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