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Braås Camping can be found in northeastern Kronoberg County. Our campsite is located on a hill directly adjacent to Lake Örkensjön and inside the small cozy town of Braås with about 1600 inhabitants. The campsite is a so-called nature campsite with water toilet, hot water shower, laundry and dishwashing area and latrine emptying.

With us you can find 5 camping cabins of which four newly built of 15 sqm each with kitchen equipment and four beds and one of 10 sqm and 2 beds are available for rent.

You can also find pitches with or without electricity.

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The camping area offers large areas for your guests. Here, children and adults can freely run around and play kubb or other fun activities.

We have Braås bathing place 60 meters from the camping area which is a very nice sandy beach with a jetty. The bathing area is very popular during the summer.

We also have several smaller lakes in the immediate vicinity such as Madkroken, Drättingesjön and Dällingen to name a few.

In our service house you can find:

  • Shower
  • Laundry room
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Toilets are located 15 meters from the service house. Access to the service house is of course included in the cost.

The campsite is also directly adjacent to Braås, which means that you have comfortable walking distance to everything the city has to offer with grocery stores and more. We can strongly recommend a visit to Braås Hembygdspark which consists of several buildings from the 1600 - 1800 century next to Sjösås medieval church from the 1400 - century. Braås Hembygdspark is like Skansen in Stockholm but in a smaller format. There are Christmas markets, large exhibitions during the summer and more. There is also a local café for coffee.

emFrom the campsite it is about 30 km to Växjö if you want to go there and explore. Växjö also has attractions such as the Swedish Glass Museum, Småland Museum, Växjö Cathedral, emVäxjö Art Gallery and more.

If you want to go out on outdoor activities, we can happily say that the nature conservation areas Sjösås äng and Braås park surround the community.

In Sjösås äng you can find a very nice path for a walk among old fields and cairns.

Braås park also has a nice historical hiking trail that is bordered by the lake Örken with a 4 km long sandy beach.

As with hiking trails, there are several bike trails that take you to different destinations.

Örken is perhaps the most popular lake for fishing. The northern part of the lake is best suited for fishing for perch, pike and trout. In the southern part of the lake, in addition to perch, pike and trout, it is also possible to fish for roach, bream, birch, tench, whitefish and vendace. If you are very lucky with your fishing, there are also carp.

Around us we have several small towns where each town has its own story to tell. For example, in Levhovda 28 km from the campsite there is a burial ground from the Iron Age with about 170 ancient remains.

In Åseda, 24 km from the campsite, there is a church dating back to the 12th century.

There is much more to see and explore. Ask us for more suggestions!

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In cabin number 1, skin animals are allowed Braås camping is run by Braås lunch restaurant Check-in is open every day at 08 - 21 It is not allowed to camp outside the camping area in the boat harbor or on the bathing area.

We welcome you to Braås Camping, we look forward to your visit!

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