Ekniemen Lomakylä

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Leirintäalueentie 55, 25700 Kemiönsaari


Ekniemi Holiday Village is located right by the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature.

In the old-fashioned atmosphere of Ekniemi Holiday Village you can enjoy the Finnish summer in peace and quiet by the sea, swimming, sauna, fishing, swimming and rowing. On the beach there is a 3 metre diving tower for skill demonstrations or training jumps. After the sauna, refreshments are served on the terrace of the beach bar. Also make bargains in the vintage shop in the main building. The campfire sites are free for all our guests.

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From the holiday village you can take a hike along well-marked trails to the top of Ekniemi, where you will find a massive lookout tower and a campfire shelter. You can buy your own snacks from the café kiosk. After a full day exploring the surroundings we recommend you hire a nice sauna for an hour or two and relax on the beach in our company.

Uppgårds Fotisgolf is a great place to compete in football and is located just over 7 km from the holiday village. Our strong recommendation! Great togetherness!

The centre of Kemiönsaari is about 12 km away. Kemiön Island's attractions include Bengtskär lighthouse, Örön fortress island, Taalintehta pottery village, Högsåra, Söderlångvik manor house and the archipelago villages of Rosala and Hiittinen.

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Turku is just over 50 km away. The nearest bus stop is 2 km away. The nearest shop is 12 km away.

Welcome to Ekniemi Holiday Village!

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