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Fromheden 22, 935 93 Norsjö


About 15 km from Norsjö, after road 370 you will find Fromhedens camping. The campsite is located in a scenic area with a variety of summer and winter activities to experience. Here you will find everything from cozy cottages and large camping plots to beautiful tent sites, you can also rent simpler rooms if you wish. There is something to suit everyone. Fromhedens camping offers a total of 75 caravan sites with electricity, 7 cabins and 3 rooms.

You will also find three service houses in the area. The service houses offer all the modern facilities you need for a successful and comfortable camping vacation. At Fromhedens camping there is also a lovely sauna to rent.

Fromhedens camping offers everything from fishing, snowmobile tours, a restaurant, live music, dancing and bingo. Many companies also choose to organize kickoffs here, as Fromhedens camping tailors everything to the customer's needs.

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Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, Fromhedens Camping gives you the peace and quiet you need on vacation. Located just a short distance from the small town of Norsjö, home to such greats as artist Tommy Körberg and Stieg Larsson, you'll find both relaxing and fast-paced activities.

Norsjö Golf Club, which is within walking distance of the campsite, is a beautiful 9-hole course for those who love golf and if you are a guest at Fromhedens camping you have a number of favorable discounts to take advantage of.

Fishing is another highlight, if you do not have fishing rods with you, you can rent them at the campsite. You then pay for the fish you pull up and daily prices apply. The arrangement is called put´n´take fishing and is what Fromhedens Camping is perhaps best known for. Even if you don't normally have the fishing trip on your side, you have great chances of catching fish here.

There is also a dance pavilion adjacent to Fromhedens Camping. The dance pavilion organizes dancing (when there is no pandemic) during May - September and offers wonderful live music with various bands and troubadours. Other events are also organized here throughout the year, both by the campsite and the local sports association. One of these is the Fromheden Stämman, a fiddlers' meeting with mainly accordion players. The event takes place in the first half of July and is very popular. As if that were not enough, bingo nights are also organized here. Bingo nights take place every Wednesday, all year round. There really is something for all tastes at this friendly campsite.

15 km by car from Fromhedens camping you will find Norsjö. Here you will find both Coop, ICA Supermarket and system companies where you can buy everything you need for your vacation. There are also several local shops where you can find exciting souvenirs.

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Fromhedens camping is open all year round, but during the winter months there are only seasonal pitches at the campsite.

Getting to Fromhedens camping is easy, and the easiest way to get there is by car, motorhome or caravan. Cities such as Skellefteå, Lycksele and Arvidsjaur can be found within 8 kilometers. There are also buses to Norsjö from these cities if you're vacationing on foot. Just be sure to check the departure times as these vary depending on the season and time of day.

As with most campsites, places are limited, so it's important to book early. Just like the other campsites in the area, Fromhedens camping cherishes its concept of being able to find the tranquility that so many people seek. The campsites in the area are becoming increasingly popular around Sweden.

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Kl. 15:00 för alla platser med och utan el samt stugor och rum.


Kl 12.00 för stugor och rum, kl 15:00 för campingtomter och tält.

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