Handelsstedet Forvik


Vevelstad Forvikveien 169, Postboks 16 8977 Forvik


Handelsstedet Forvik is a historic trading post with over two hundred years of history, and has been owned by the Arntzen family for four generations. The oldest building, Grålåna, dates from 1750 and is part of this historic complex.

Today, Forvik is not just a memory of the old days, but a living place where you can spend the night, enjoy good food in the Naustloftet Café and Restaurant, and not least experience the unique atmosphere in our own Kaffebrenneriet Forvik.

Quality coffee such as single estate, blend and espresso is produced here, and we keep the old krambu spirit alive by offering tea, chocolate and other accessories to coffee enthusiasts.

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Handelsstedet Forvik is located in an area rich in culture and history. With a location that has been a trade hub, post office and national telephone exchange, Forvik has a rich past that visitors can delve into.

The proximity to the sea and the beautiful Helgeland coast also offers a variety of outdoor activities and scenic experiences.

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When you plan your stay with us, it's good to know that Forvik is about more than just accommodation. It is a place where tradition meets modern comfort. Hanne Birgitte Arntzen now manages the place with a passion for quality and hospitality. Exclusive coffee is roasted here several times a week, available to locals and visitors.

We have dealers from Namdalen to Alta, and our coffee roastery represents the warm core of our business. Welcome to an experience out of the ordinary - book your stay today to secure yourself a part of Forvik's unique history.

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