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Jula Camping & Stugby is located in Skara, which is best known for its Skara sommarland. The campsite is adjacent to the Jula Hotel and is only 10 minutes away from the center of Skara.

Jula Camping & Stugby has a total of 20 tent sites, 73 motorhome/caravan sites and 30 camping cabins with 4 beds, equipped for self-catering.

The service building in the area is equipped with toilets, kitchen, separate TV room, dishwashing/laundry area and shower.

Pets are allowed in some cottages, just make sure to mention it when booking.

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Jula Camping & Stugby offers a wide range of activities. At the campsite you will find a fully licensed restaurant, a miniature golf course and cabins with kitchen facilities. The campsite is also close to several attractive excursion destinations that will keep you and your party busy throughout your vacation.

Jula Camping & Stugby offers family, play and relaxation pools, a boules hall, outdoor courts and a gym with a wellness area.

Skara Sommarland, which is one of the largest amusement parks in the Nordic region with over 300,000 annual guests, attracts people of all ages. The amusement park has the largest water park in the Nordic region with a total of 46 attractions. In addition, there are four restaurants and a wide range of lotteries, kiosks and games. The park is run by entrepreneur and media figure Bert Karlsson.

If you are looking for shopping, you will also find Julahuset which is located a bit away from Jula Camping & Stugby. People from all over Sweden come here to bargain and shop for their vacation. Jula Huset is located at the entrance to Skara, just off the E20 and road 49.

Jula Camping & Stugby is also next door to one of Sweden's largest churches, Skara Cathedral. The cathedral has a history that goes all the way back to the 1000s. It is well preserved and here you will find, among other things, a rest room for the first bishops of the diocese from the time when the cathedral was first built. Over the centuries, Skara Cathedral has been damaged and restored on several occasions. The wars against Denmark and several city fires over the centuries have made Skara Cathedral a very exciting place to visit.

If you are interested in trotting and horses, you will also find Axevalla trotting track, one of Sweden's largest trotting tracks. The Triple Trot with the Stochampionate takes place here every year. The racetrack also holds the record for the biggest win for a single winner in the history of V75. In 2010, when V75 was arranged at the track, a single winner took home 67 312 633 SEK. A record that still stands today.

If you are a fan of Jan Guillou's novels about the crusader Arn, there is also an ongoing tourist project to promote the places mentioned in the book. A number of prehistoric sites are located in the vicinity of Jula Camping and Stugby.

A phenomenon that attracts people from all over the world to Skara is the Trandansen. A couple of fields by Lake Hornborga have become a place for both cranes and people to welcome spring every year. No less than 20,000 cranes gather here in an orgy of dancing and flirting. The crane dance is not an organized display per se, but rather a spontaneous burst of joy. The cranes that have flown all the way from Spain and North Africa are celebrating another summer together in Sweden.

Jula Camping & Stugby truly offers something for everyone!

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Jula Camping & Stugby is a popular destination as the campsite is close to a variety of activities. The campsite is located near Skara so communications are good. You can get here by car, motorhome, caravan, train or bus.

The area also has a restaurant and bar with full rights, which makes the campsite particularly popular with guests. Places on the campsite are limited, so make sure to book in time.

A warm welcome to Jula Camping & Stugby!

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