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Laxsjöns Friluftsgård 1, 666 94 Dals Långed


Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård is a year-round campsite beautifully located on a peninsula in Laxsjön, in the northern parts of Västra Götaland. At our campsite there are all types of camping pitches. With us you can freely choose whether you want to lie at the edge of the forest, more open or with a lake view. The campsite also has cottages and hostels.

The cabins are equipped for self-catering, i.e. a refrigerator, stove/cooker and utensils for the number of people the cabin is intended for. In the cottages where there is no water/toilet/shower, the residents use the adjacent service house.

The service house has access to a laundry room, shower and toilet, changing room, disabled toilet, kitchen and TV.

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With Laxsjön as the nearest neighbor, you can easily walk down to the lake and swim, fish or why not rent a canoe, SUP, fishing kayak or rowing boat from us? Our canoe fleet consists of Tapper, Inkas and Hasslek canoes. We also have rowing boats that can be rented with or without an outboard motor.

As a nice bonus, with our unique geographical location in the middle of the Dalsland Canal (Upperudsälven), we can offer some of Europe's best paddling and fishing waters. The campsite also has a guest harbor with jetty, electricity and fresh water.

There is also plenty of space if you want to play kubb, throw some frisbee or whatever you want to do! Inside the campsite you will also find miniature golf, swimming area, bike park, barbecue area, activity center, restaurant and a pub. Outside the campsite you can take part in beautiful cycling and hiking trails, more fishing waters and visit all the small towns / cities where each has its unique history and cultural heritage.

Several cycling trails pass right outside the campsite and you can also hop on the rail bus that passes by. As an example, we can highly recommend a day trip to Dalslands Activities, which has experiences for all ages! There is a café, restaurant, game shop, moose park, high-altitude courses, zipline park, gold panning, pony rides and rides on large horses.

If you want an experience with nature more involved, you can visit Sörknatten naturresevat which is about 25 km from the campsite. Among other things, there is a well-marked hiking trail with several peaks with fantastic views of the reserve. The campsite is surrounded by lakes and nature in all directions, and there are plenty of things and activities to indulge in in nature and among all the nearby small towns.

You can find all the information you could possibly want about noteworthy nature reserves, national parks, excursion sites and more on the Länsstyrlesen Västra Götaland website. But feel free to ask us too! We have a good overview of the local area and all the attractions and hidden gems. We guarantee you unforgettable memories after your visit with us.

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The nearest major city is Åmål which is about 41 km from the campsite

A warm welcome to us at Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård! Do not hesitate to ask us if you have the slightest question about anything! We are more than happy to help.

We look forward to your visit!

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