Laxvikens Bygdegårdsförening


Laxviken 125, 835 62 Föllinge


Laxvikens Bygdegårdsförening is a historical and cultural meeting place in the heart of Föllinge. Originally, the Lodge 2082 Ljungblomman was formed in 1895, and after an intensive fundraising effort, an order house was built and completed for the Christmas bazaar in 1913.

The house, which was once central to the temperance movement in the area, is today a living part of the village's cultural heritage. Since 1961, when Laxvikens Bygdegårdsförening was formed and took over the clubhouse, it has been used for a variety of purposes, including popular education, parties, revues, bazaars and club meetings.

The village hall tells stories about the social life of the village, and its diverse use over the years reflects the development of the community and the community. To visit Laxviken Bygdegård is to take part in a piece of living history, where tradition meets the present.

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Laxvikens Bygdegård is located in an area rich in nature and culture. Here you can explore both the beautiful Jämtland nature and the local cultural life. Nearby Ålviken offers interesting insights into the region's industrial and forestry history.

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When planning a visit to Laxviken Bygdegårdsförening, it is worth noting that this place is not only a village hall, but also an important part of the local cultural heritage. It is an ideal place to experience genuine rural life and local history.

Its unique connection to the temperance movement and its role as a social gathering point make it an interesting destination for anyone interested in the history of the Swedish popular movement.

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