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Loos Camping can be found in the northwestern parts of Gävleborg County, located in the small but very charming village of Los with just over 330 inhabitants.

The campsite is really located in the middle of the wilderness and this means that there are massive activities with mainly nature involved.

With us you can find tent sites, camping plots with or without electricity and very nice cottages for rent.

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The campsite is directly connected to the lake Kyrkbytjärnen and there is a nice wooden bridge towards the lake. There is also plenty of space for children and adults to run around in the camping area and play some football or other fun!

We also have a bakery for rent where you can prepare, for example, flatbread, mulled wine or why not your very own stone-oven baked pizza?

Right outside the campsite you have your feet firmly planted in our little village Los.Here you can easily walk to local attractions such as Los Church which is a symbolic building for our village.In the village we also have a library for those who want to borrow a book to read with their feet dipped in the lake.

But it is mainly experiences in nature that the area has to offer. So don't forget to pack your hiking boots or skis depending on the season!

For those who are interested in hiking, Finnmarksleden and Hälsingeleden are the 2 most popular hiking trails in the area. Finnmarksleden is 45 km long and takes you to Fågelsjö Gammelgård which is a world heritage site. Hälsingeleden is 15 km long and takes you to Hedbäcken.

The tilting stones in Sjöarberget Fågelsjö are a natural phenomenon that should be experienced if you are in the area. The stones are located about 4 kilometers northwest of Fågelsjö. For those who want to get there, we recommend the summer trail that starts from the gryssjövägen beyond the World Heritage Site Fågelsjö Gammelgård Bortom Åa. It is said that if you are strong enough and manage to move the stones on your own, you are poisonous. So here it is up to proof!

For cycling, you will of course find several cycle paths here too! Here you can also look for areas to pick different berries and of course mushroom picking in the fall! Ask us and maybe we can suggest some good places.

For those who are interested in fishing, there are both good lakes, rivers and streams. A valid fishing license must be held and can be purchased via Fiskekort.se. During the winter there are ski trails, one example is Nickelvallen which is 2.5 km long with lighting. There are also 100 miles of trails for snowmobiles.

This and much more is available thanks to our blessed geographical location.

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Feel free to ask us for more tips as we have good knowledge of the area. The nearest major city is Mora 105 km from the campsite. A warm welcome!

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