Lövhults Camping

Lövhults Camping, 571 92 Nässjö


Just outside Nässjö, high in the Småland highlands, you will find Lövhults Camping. A quiet and pleasant campsite that is open all year round. Lövhults Camping has 42 camping pitches with electricity for caravans, motorhomes and tents.

At Lövhults Camping there are also six cabins that are fully equipped with all the modern facilities you need. WiFi, terrace and a fully equipped kitchen are available in all cabins. The larger cottages also have their own sauna and dishwasher.

Lövhults Camping is staffed all year round and the service house has a sauna, shower and toilet for you as a guest.

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Lövhults Camping has a perfect location and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature while also being close to Nässjö city. Next to the campsite there are hiking trails, jogging tracks, an outdoor gym and obstacle courses for children. There are also paved tracks for inlines, roller skates and wheelchairs. Lövhults Camping

is also part of the Lövhult nature reserve. A nature reserve that covers a total of 220 hectares. Fabulous forests, lush pastures, bubbling streams and of course the meadows of Småland make up this nature experience that attracts people from all over Sweden and Europe every year. In winter there is also a beautiful ski area with well-prepared trails right next to Lövhults Camping.

The city of Nässjö, located about 20 minutes from Lövhults Camping, is a fantastic summer city that receives thousands of tourists every year, with a fine selection of culture, shopping and entertainment. The many visitors have left their mark on the food culture since the first railway restaurant was opened. Here you will find everything from Småland flavors, locally produced lamb and freshly cooked crayfish. For those who want to drink something good and socialize in the evening, there is something for everyone. Sports bars with big screens, bars with music quizzes and entertainment or elegant hotel bars.

As well as this, there is beautiful architecture, design and furniture art here to see if you are an art lover. Ingvar Kamprad who came from Småland has definitely left his mark on the landscape and Nässjö is no exception.

If you need to buy food and other things for your stay at Lövhults Camping, there are grocery stores, supermarkets and other shops.

You can also make a visit to the marketplace that is located on the main square every Thursday. Or why not go to the theater and play bangolf in the city park.

Lövhults Camping attracts many German tourists every year who come to visit Skullaryd Älgpark. This is an adventure that you, young or old, will never forget. The moose park is unique with the large number of deer that you can experience during the safari tour. Climb on the tractor with your party and experience the animals in their natural environment.

At the entrance to the moose park there is a cozy farm café that also has a shop with souvenirs. It serves everything from toast and hot dogs to homemade buns, chocolate balls, soft drinks and ice cream.

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Lövhults Camping is open with full service all year round. There is WI-FI throughout the campsite. If you have any special requests before your stay, please contact the reception at Lövhults Camping. The reception is open every day between 08.00 - 16.00. When the reception is closed, you can choose a place on the campsite and then check in when the reception is open again. Dogs are welcome and Lövhults Camping is accessible.

A warm welcome to Lövhults Camping!

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