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Malmönvägen 58, 731 37 Köping


Malmöns Camping is located only 6 km from the city center in Köping. Here you will find a quiet family campsite located right next to Lake Mälaren. The campsite is beautifully situated by the lake and has a cozy environment where both swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing are available.

Malmöns Camping offers places for both caravans, motorhomes and tents as well as the nice red 2-bed cottages and 4-bed cottages.

Malmöns Camping is a 3-star campsite where most of what you need is available.

The service house has washing facilities, toilets and showers and a kitchen for cooking. For the children, you will also find a playground right next to the campsite.

On Malmön you will also find nice walking paths in a quiet and peaceful area. Don't miss the restaurant, which is almost directly adjacent to the campsite. Sjömagasinet restaurant & café offers good food and drink with a fantastic view of Lake Mälaren. Here you can enjoy something to eat or drink or why not an ice cream in the heat of the sun?

Malmön, where the campsite is located, is actually not an island but more of a collective name for the settlement along the southwest side of the köpingsåsen. Malmön is thus completely connected to the mainland, which makes it smooth and easy to get here.

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Malmöns Camping is only 6 km from the city of Köping, which you can reach by car, bike or walking for those who have a little extra time. Once in Köping we find several restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping.

In addition to this, Köping offers plenty of activities that suit all ages.

Here you can use several mountain bike trails that are suitable for those who are looking for both speed and more difficult terrain. Johannisdalsspåret is perfect for the beginner, if you are looking for the next level of difficulty, the more challenging karlbergsspåret is an option.

Köping also offers other activities such as bird watching. Here you can spot everything from the small kingfisher to the mighty and beautiful peregrine falcon. The best places to see this are Norsa hagar and Karlbergsskogen.

The Köping area is also rich in ancient monuments. Here you can see thousands of remains from several different eras. Climb the sacred remains of Ströbohög, the landmark left over from the Iron Age, or discover the rock carvings left over from the Bronze Age.

If you are inclined towards more contemporary history, we recommend the KUJ Railway Museum, where you can discover steam locomotives, trains and several beautiful pictures from the railway in the 19th century.

If you are here to hike, you will find the Romboleden not far from Köping and Malmöns camping. This old pilgrimage trail offers beautiful nature and cozy stops that are perfect for recreation and relaxation.

Another nature reserve worth visiting is the Lindö Bergets nature reserve. This is divided into two areas where one part is Lindöberget which is an approximately 25 meter high granite mountain, where you can experience fantastic nature. The other area is Mälarstranden where the reeds spread out nicely and you can see some birds if you are lucky!

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Good to know

Malmöns camping is open during the summer months.

Check-in takes place between 09-21 while check-out must be done before 12 noon.

A warm welcome to Malmöns Camping!

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