Matkaparkki Paunetti


Höytiäntie 7, 41210 Uurainen


The Paunetti touring car park offers a pleasant and peaceful environment for an overnight stay.

There is also a village hall Talas and a large storage building Toimimaja.

If you want to play minigolf then there is a 9-hole minigolf course and a beach volleyball court will be renovated during the summer. The price includes electricity, indoor toilets, water point, minigolf equipment.

As an additional service, the possibility of acquiring a sauna and shower facilities for use. The association has three funnel boards which can also be used as an additional service. We can organise with you, e.g. birthday parties, class reunions, get-togethers and more!

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We are surrounded by a wonderful countryside. There are many small villages here which are nice to explore and easy to get to know, for example by bike.

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Jyväskylä is just over 29 km away.

Welcome to Paunetti Matkaparkki!

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