Nås Camping Dalarna

Storängsvägen 14, 786 93 Nås


Nås Camping is located in central Sweden in Dalarna and is a cozy nature campsite next to the Västerdal River. Here you will find peace and quiet for both body and soul. At our campsite you have both nature and water as your closest neighbor. If there is something Dalarna is known for besides falukorv and crispbread, it is precisely the nature that people have loved for centuries. Nås Camping is also located right in the heart of Dalarna.

So Nås Camping has something to offer the individual camper and equally the family. The campsite offers campsites with plenty of space, of which 29 of the sites are with electricity. Inside the camping area there are also spacious tent sites.

At Nås Camping there are six spacious cabins in different sizes. Only cabin no. 6 has its own sanitary facilities and kitchen, while the others use sanitary facilities in the service building. You can book the cabins on the website nascamping.se. In the service building you will find toilets, showers, a washing machine/dryer and a kitchen. It is possible to empty chemical toilets at the campsite.

Pets are always welcome at the campsite! They should also be able to enjoy all the wonderful things that camping offers. In addition, the experience becomes a little extra fun when we can share it with the animals we love and hold dear.

We also have football and volleyball fields 100 meters from the camping area. So don't forget to bring both soccer and volleyball! A restaurant (Nederborgs-Bistro) and a small grocery store/gas station (Tempo/Gulf) are 1.5 km away where you can buy food and other necessities.

Our guests can explore Västerdalälven for free with the canoes!

A warm welcome to Nås Camping Dalarna.

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The area offers many opportunities to discover Dalarna. <br>

Here you can swim, fish, canoe, hike on magnificent hiking trails and of course cycle surrounded by magnificent nature worthy of the most beautiful of poems.

The campsite offers rental of canoes that can be used to paddle at Västerdalälven or any of the lakes in the immediate area.

And while you're here, don't forget to visit some of the beautiful sandy beaches that can be found in the nearby lakes. What Swedish summer is complete without a dip in a lake?

Nearby you also have the Hästängsflottens nature reserve which you can hike through along the Hästängsleden trail. The route is 6 km long. There are many other hiking trails from the campsite to Gräsberget, around Storsjön (Best coffee: Ryggåsstugan) or Närsen.

You can even go rafting or kayaking a few kilometers away at Dala River Adventures.

In the 1st week of July, the open-air theater Ingmarsspelen with art market takes place in Storängets folk park next to the campsite. Booking is recommended.

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Good to know

Nås Camping is located along the E16 between Borlänge and Vansbro.

Borlänge is 65.5 km away, Siljan and Falun 70 km.

The easiest way to get to the campsite is by car or motorhome. You reach Nås Camping by driving on the E16 from Vansbro to Björbo. Coming from Vansbro, turn right in Nås at the signs for Fredriksberg and Lindesnäs. After about 250 meters when you have passed the church, turn left. After about 700 meters you will see the campsite on the right.

You can also go by bus from e.g. Borlänge and Falun with local traffic to Nås Centrum which is 1.1km from the campsite. You can search for bus times via this link. You can search for long-distance buses to see which company operates from your location to Nås Centrum.

It is always a good idea to book your reservation as early as possible to ensure that you get the place you want. 2020 Nicole and John Kloet have taken over as the new owners of Nås Camping. They always do their utmost and then a little more to ensure that all campers have the best possible experience during their visit. So whatever you have on your mind, don't be afraid to ask the staff!

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