Øvre Sæter Fiskecamp

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Surnadalsvegen 1370 , 6653 Øvre Surnadal


Øvre Sæter Fishing Camp and associated salmon roost are located in a quiet and scenic location approximately 1.5 miles up the valley floor. Accommodation is in self-catering cabins, and they are conveniently located within walking distance of both sides of the river. This is possible because of a charming and historic footbridge that crosses over the river.

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On the south side of the valley you will find Trollheimen, a majestic mountain area that can be enjoyed in combination with sport fishing in the valley. This has been little explored in sport fishing, although there is a great road into the beautiful Vindøldalen, which leads to the wildest mountain world imaginable.

On the spot, you can also experience the charm of live seat operation and enjoy traditional products at Røstasætra. Sæter and Skjermo have over time become a popular choice for fly fishing in Surna. This is shown in particular through the great interest in pure fly fishing and the good catches that have been made with fly.

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We are open from 1 June to 1 September! Welcome!

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