Partille Vandrarhem


Landvettervägen 50, 433 49 Partille


About 13 km from Gothenburg city center, we find green and beautiful surroundings and Partille Vandrarhem. We offer newly renovated and fresh accommodation at an affordable price, where the most essential things are available. Here you live in everything from 2-bed rooms to 5-bed rooms with bunk beds. At Partille hostel you will find showers and toilets in the corridors. This simplicity when it comes to accommodation means that you can feel at home and the guest kitchen is often a meeting point where many new contacts can be made.

When you stay at Partille hostel, you can either rent or bring your own bed linen. There is a laundry room equipped with an iron, a lounge with TV, games and books. A lovely terrace with both barbecues, footballs, croquet games and more. The entire Partille hostel also has free WiFi for those who want to keep track of the reality around them. You will find lighted exercise tracks and the hiking trails Bohusleden and Vildmarksleden just around the corner from Partille hostel.

At Partille hostel you always have free parking and from the bus stop Åstebo, bus number 503, 513 and 516 runs once every half hour to the central parts of Gothenburg and takes between 15-20 minutes depending on the traffic.

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Not far from Partille hostel we find Kåsjön, which offers several cozy bathing places with both a jetty, jump tower and beach. If you want to take a run, you can run Kåsjön around which gives you a run of about 7.7 km. Here you run mostly on paths with roots and stones but also small parts of asphalt and gravel. You will also find here the hiking trails Vildmarksleden and Bohusleden. Vildmarksleden is actually part of Europaled 1. Europaled 1 was inaugurated in 1992 and has a total distance of 1200 km. Of these 1200 km, the Vildmarksleden constitutes about 42 km. If you want to go on the Bohusleden instead, you will find a total distance of 340 km. Here you get a scenic and varied hike that takes you through the beautiful Bohuslän landscape.

For the shopping enthusiast, Allum shopping center is found right next to Partille hostel. If you want even more pulse than that, the obvious choice is of course to go to Gothenburg where you will find everything from seaside activities, lots of restaurants, cafes and bars and of course the well-known amusement park Liseberg. Bring the whole family for a full day at the amusement park and enjoy all the latest attractions and experiences the field has to offer. Once in Gothenburg, you can also take one of the trams out to the sea and sunbathe and swim or why not take an archipelago boat out to one of the beautiful islands. The archipelago around Gothenburg and up towards Tjörn is not to be missed if you have some time to spare.

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The reception at Partille hostel is normally open between 08:00-10:00, and between 17:00-19:00 (during July 16:00- 20:00). The reception is also closed on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings from mid-August. If you have special requests, you can call Partille hostel directly.

Bedding should be brought or rented on site. Sheets are required even if you use a sleeping bag.

A warm welcome to Partille Hostel!

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17.00 – 19.00 (mån-lör) söndag kontakta receptionen mellan 8.00 – 12.00



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