Petes Ekogård

HABLINGBO PETES 650, 623 42 Havdhem


We offer accommodation in a unique location in Hablingbo parish on Gotland, located 500 meters from the sea. Guests can enjoy activities and experiences in the area as well as stay in a motorhome or caravan at our beachfront destination.

Our accommodation is personal, unique and welcoming, in harmony with our active farming with sheep and lambs.

We have carefully renovated and developed our farm since 2017, which is one of the few cohesive beach farms on Southern Gotland and is managed and preserved for the next generation.

Together with our animals, we keep our land and adjacent nature reserves open to the public. We love to share our beautiful surroundings and are pleased that so many families choose to return and spend their vacation with us every year.

Our farm is always bustling with activity, but you can also find your own place of peace and quiet and privacy.

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Hablingbo Gotland offers many different activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular: Beach walks: Hablingbo Gotland has many beautiful beaches to choose from, where you can walk along the water's edge and enjoy the fresh sea air.

Fishing: Gotland is known for its fishing opportunities, and Hablingbo is no exception. There are many good places to fish, both on land and at sea.

Cycling: Gotland is also a great place for cycling. There are many well-marked cycle paths that pass through beautiful landscapes and old villages.

Nature reserves: Hablingbo Gotland is home to many important nature reserves, where you can experience unique ecosystems and see wildlife.

Historical sites: Gotland is rich in history, and Hablingbo is no exception. There are many interesting historical sites to visit, including ancient castles and old churches.

Shopping and food: Hablingbo Gotland also has many shops and restaurants where you can shop or eat well. There are also many local producers offering delicacies such as cheese, honey and fish.

Cultural events: Gotland is also known for its many cultural events, including music festivals, theater performances and exhibitions.

Around Gotland Runt: Gotland is known for its cycling trail around the whole of Gotland, a cycling trip that is approx. 300 km and takes an average of 7-8 days. Here you can enjoy Gotland's beautiful nature and historical sites.

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