Pielavesi Matkaparkki


Puistotie 7, 72400 Pielavesi


Welcome to Pielavesi Matkaparkki, a cosy camping site in the heart of North Savo, in the municipality of Pielavesi.

The area offers a peaceful break on your trip, where you can enjoy Finland's beautiful nature and modern comfort. The mobile home park is open from 15 May to 31 August and offers five spaces for campervans in an area of approximately 750 square metres, where safety distances have been taken into account to ensure a comfortable and safe stay.

Facilities include electricity, water point and chemical toilet emptying point, which are included in the overnight price. Access to the gym, shower and toilet facilities of the adjacent gym is also included in the nightly rate. The price of the mobile home park is €16 per night and the quality of the services ensures a pleasant stay in the mobile home park.

At the Matkapark you can experience a relaxing environment combining the peace of nature with the necessary facilities.

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In Pielavesi you can discover the local history and culture. Explore the old belfry built in 1748 and the Famine memorial. Jautlandia, a geocacher's paradise that combines basketry and geocaching, offers a unique experience for adventurers of all ages.

There are around 30 different caches open all year round.

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Book your stay in advance and pay before you camp. Respect the peace and quiet of the area and the local nature so that everyone can enjoy their stay.

With our services, you can fully relax and enjoy your stay at Pielavesi Matkapark.

Book your place now as this travel park offers an unforgettable experience in Finnish nature!

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