Rälla Camp Öland


Rällavägen 28, 38792 Borgholm


Experience the magic at Rälla Camp:

Welcome to Rälla, where we boast the ultimate location along road 136. In an idyllic valley, just a stone's throw from the road, you will find our wonderful campsite with 17 pitches waiting to give you the most memorable stay on Öland.

Scenic experiences right outside your door:

Surrounded by Öland's most beautiful forest and picturesque nature, our site offers magical walking paths and a relaxed atmosphere. Relax, explore and enjoy the best that Öland has to offer.

American Nostalgia at Europe's Only Diner:

On site you will find Europe's only American Diner from the 1950s. Serving a mythical American buffet during high season, you can step back in time with its authentic charm and nostalgia.

The backyard - your own meeting place:

Rälla Camp offers a unique community space, "The Backyard", where all campers have free entry. During high season, the air is filled with music and entertainment from the stage three days a week - one of the most unique concepts in Europe on a campsite!

Sweden's Best Price on Overnight Accommodation:

We are proud to offer the absolute best price for an overnight stay in Sweden. Experience comfort, community and entertainment at a price that exceeds expectations.

Book now and create your own Öland experience:

Book your place at Rälla Camp and give yourself the opportunity to experience the best of Öland. Enjoy scenic hikes, nostalgic dining experience and entertainment - all framed at an unbeatable price.

Experience Öland at its very best - book your place at Rälla Camp today!

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  • Borgholm Castle12 km
  • Solliden Castle12 km
  • Ölandsbron15 km
  • Skälby17 km
  • Esplanade18 km
  • Kalmar Art Museum18 km
  • Kalmar City Park Playground18 km
  • Kalmar Castle18 km
  • Lekladan-Skrattkammarön, Öland18 km.
  • Kalmarsundsparken19 km
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Good to know

Keep in mind that if you visit Rälla Camp during the low season, nothing is open at the facility itself, but you then pay for a quiet and sunny place in an absolute AAA location on Öland.

During the high season Midsummer until 10 August there are gigs on the big stage and gigs and entertainment on the small stage.

For the schedule for the 2024 season, please look under After Camp at www.rallapaviljongen.se.

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