Rødberg Bobilcamp


Rødbergsveien 130, 7105 Stadsbygd


Welcome to Rødberg Mobile Camp, an idyllic mobile home campsite located in Gammelhavna on Rødberg, Stadsbygd in Indre Fosen municipality, only a short ferry ride from Trondheim. This scenic area offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with a fantastic view of the Trondheimsfjord, where you can see Hurtigruten passing by.

We offer accommodation all year round, but please note that the sanitary facilities are closed in winter. At this time, however, we still have access to the toilet inside the reception. The campsite is equipped with modern facilities including showers, toilets, water filling and emptying. We also offer WiFi and power connection for our guests.

At the campsite you will find a reception with a café where you can buy drinks, food and gifts. We also have a liquor license so you can enjoy a drink while you relax with the great view. As a Max Fritid dealer, we have a separate department for camping equipment, so you can easily get what you need for a comfortable camping experience.

For those who drive an electric car, we offer charging options.

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Rødberg Bobilcamp is located in an area rich in experiences and attractions. Right nearby you will find a grocery store and a restaurant, which makes it easy to get what you need in terms of supplies and enjoy a good meal out.

The area also offers several interesting cultural sites, such as the Rødberg Fog Clock and the Coastal Heritage Museum. The ladies in Fjøset and Stadsbygd Gamle Prestegård with its beautiful rose garden are also worth a visit.

For those who enjoy outdoor life, the area offers great hiking areas and opportunities for various activities on land and on water. For example, you can try northern Europe's second longest climbing path or explore the beautiful nature trails around the campsite.

It is also possible to take part in unique shopping experiences and visit local galleries and museums.

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Before you arrive at Rødberg Motorhome Camp, it's a good idea to be aware of some practical details to ensure a problem-free stay. Although we provide basic facilities such as shower, toilet and WiFi, it is recommended to bring the necessary supplies, especially if you have specific needs.

The sanitary facilities are closed in winter, but toilets in reception are available. For those who wish to explore the area by electric car, charging points are available at the campsite.

We recommend that you book your place in advance, especially in high season, to secure a place at this popular and scenic location.

Whether you are looking for a quiet holiday, an active experience in nature, or cultural excursions, Rødberg Bobilcamp will give you a memorable experience in the heart of Trøndelag.

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