Ry laksefiske & Gjestegård



Tverdalsveien 263, 7393 Rennebu


Welcome to Ry salmon fishing and guesthouse, a peaceful gem in Rennebu. From May, September and October you can experience a unique camping experience that will awaken your inner sense of adventure. The hammocks sway gently under the birch trees by the river, and you wake up to birdsong and the quiet murmur of the nearby river. When the morning dawns, you can take a refreshing dip in Røssdammen, right by the campsite.

For those who prefer more comfortable accommodation, we offer the Clubhouse with three comfortable beds and a separate kitchen. For those who want a more rustic experience, there is the option of spending the night in a warehouse with a cozy double bed and a separate kitchen. We provide restrooms and outdoor water faucets in the common areas of the barn for your convenience. If you prefer to pitch your own tent on the farm, that is also an option.

Whichever accommodation option you choose, you will enjoy the outstanding natural beauty and tranquility that surrounds Ry Salmon Fishing and Guest Farm. Be sure to book your place as soon as possible and let us create memories for a lifetime in this wonderful nature.

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Ry salmon fishing and guest farm are surrounded by enchanting nature that invites exploration. When you're not relaxing in the hammock or enjoying a night in the open air in the Clubhouse, you can go on an adventure. Explore the surrounding forests and meadows on foot or by bike and discover the diverse flora and fauna that call this area home. For fishing enthusiasts there are plenty of opportunities to try their luck in the nearby river.

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To make your stay as comfortable as possible, be sure to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat if you choose to stay in a hammock or bring your own tent on the farm. If, on the other hand, you choose the Klubbhuset or the storage shed, you can count on the beds being made up and beach towels available.

During your stay here, you will be able to cook on a fire or with a gas burner. Kitchenware, including pots and coffee makers, is available for your use. Restrooms and outdoor water faucets are located in the common areas of the barn for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you to Ry salmon fishing and guest farm and helping you create unforgettable memories in this beautiful natural setting. Book your stay today and let yourself be seduced by the Norwegian beauty.

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