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Kungsnäs 217, 855 91 Sundsvall


Selångers Hembygdsförening, founded in 1946 and with a rich history that reflects the region's culture, traditions and nature, is a vital part of Medelpad's cultural landscape. Hembygdsgården, opened in 1962, and Nävsta schools, acquired in 1985, are at the heart of the organisation's activities. They work passionately to preserve local buildings, spread knowledge and organise events that enrich the lives of locals and visitors alike.

The association's main goal is to preserve and revitalise Selånger's unique cultural heritage for future generations. This is done through commitment and participation, where each member plays an important role in preserving and communicating the area's rich culture and history.

With a combination of tradition and modern technology, Selångers Hembygdsförening remains a dynamic and contemporary player in the preservation of local history.

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Selångers Hembygdsförening is located just west of Sundsvall, in the heart of Medelpad, an area known for its magnificent nature and rich cultural history.

The surrounding area offers a wide range of activities, from hiking in the beautiful surrounding nature to visiting Sundsvall's city centre with its shopping, restaurants and cultural events.

There is something for everyone, whether you are interested in history, nature or city life.

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When planning your visit to Selångers Hembygdsförening, it is good to remember that the area offers both historical and contemporary experiences. It is a place that welcomes all ages, with a strong community and a passion for sharing its local history and culture.

Discover Selångers Hembygdsförening - a portal to the heart of Medelpad. Book your visit today and become part of this unique cultural journey!

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