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Beautifully located in a cultural-historical environment on the Skohalvön peninsula, between Stockholm and Uppsala, you will find Skokloster Camping. The campsite has its own beach by Lake Mälaren, which is shallow and perfect for people of all ages.

Skokloster Camping has over 180 camping pitches and tent sites along with a number of cozy cottages. All plots are on hilly terrain in mixed forest and are framed by birch forest at the entrance to the campsite. There is also a hotel adjacent to the restaurant that can be booked.

In the service houses you will find all the modern facilities you need for a pleasant stay. The reception is manned between Mon-Sun 08:00- 20:00 during high season and Mon-Fri 17:00-20:00 during low season.

It is also possible to order breakfast packages with coffee and tea for those who wish.

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There is no shortage of activities at Skokloster Camping. With its location between Stockholm and Uppsala but in the middle of nature, it really is a perfect place for those who want to combine city life with nature.

Restaurant Sjökrogen, located in the middle of the campsite with a wonderful terrace, gives you a view of the water and the opportunity to experience the beautiful sunset over Lake Mälaren and Sjöö Castle. The restaurant has full rights and delicious food - don't miss it!

The beach is also equipped with a variety of obstacle courses and bouncy castles that are very popular for children of all ages. Even fishing is free here with a nice fishing lake stretching around the area. You can also rent a boat if you want to go out on Lake Mälaren. Skokloster Camping also offers miniature golf and boules.

In the vicinity of Skokloster Camping is one of Northern Europe's most famous nature reserves, which makes up large parts of the peninsula, where there are fine hiking trails and jogging tracks. The preserved mixed forest in the characteristic Mälardal landscape is full of rune stones and other ancient remains, making it easy to lose track of time.

Skokloster Castle is another highlight and a must for those staying at Skokloster Camping. The castle is best known for being perhaps the world's foremost baroque museum. The history of the castle goes all the way back to 1654 when Count and Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Wrangel started building the castle. It is also one of Sweden's largest private palaces and marks for many the most successful period of the Swedish Empire. Everything is very well preserved here with a large collection of art, weapons, furniture, textiles and other items symbolizing the time between 1550 and 1830.

Close to the castle is also Skokloster's church, which dates back to the 13th century. Skokloster Camping really offers most things in its surroundings.

As if that would not be enough, you have only 60 km to Stockholm and 50 km to Uppsala. The country's capital and the country's oldest city are two cities that hardly need a closer description.

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Skokloster Camping is not far from Stockholm, so connections are very good. Here you can take connecting buses directly from the capital or from Uppsala. Getting to Stockholm and then on to Skokloster is of course easy from wherever you are in the country.

The small cozy roads to Skokloster Camping and all the cozy camping plots the facility offers, of course, also make motorhomes and caravans a perfect way to travel.

Although Skokloster Camping has a wide range of pitches, it usually gets booked up quickly during the summer months. Some periods are booked early in the year. In other words, it is important to be out in good time when booking your stay at this summer gem.

A warm welcome to Skokloster Camping!

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