Skulerud bobilparkering


Fv125 370 , 1970 Hemnes


Welcome to Skulerud Motorhome Parking, a unique stop for motorhome enthusiasts looking for an authentic and comfortable camping experience, far north where the historic Haldenkanalen starts in Hemnes, Akershus county. Carefully positioned between the charming locomotive shed and Grendehuset, this special property offers a dive into the region's rich cultural heritage while providing modern conveniences essential for a comfortable stay.

With a careful restoration in collaboration with the National Archives, Skulerud Motorhome Parking is part of a larger project to restore the Skulerud station area, including the re-establishment of approximately 700 meters of railway tracks. This dedication to preserving the area's historical significance gives visitors a unique opportunity to experience part of Norway's transport and industrial heritage. On the spot you can see the locomotive, which has now been restored to its original state in 1955. Skulerud station was the terminus of the Tertittbanen, a narrow-gauge tertiary railway that ran between Skulerud and Sørumsand. Outside the loco station, the turntable has been returned. Here the locomotive was turned around, before the journey went back towards Sørumsand.

In the locomotive there is now a summer cafe in July, as well as regular concerts throughout the summer.

The facility offers a total of eight pitches equipped with electricity, ensuring that all your basic needs are met. Access to potable water, toilets and toilet cartridge emptying stations are also available, making for a hassle-free camping experience. The location, between the historic locomotive stable and the social meeting point Grendehuset, offers a unique mix of cultural wealth and community life.

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Skulerud Motorhome parking doesn't just give you a place to stay; it opens the doors to a world of discoveries along the Haldenkanalen and in the surrounding area. From your base with us, you can easily explore the beautiful landscape, either on foot, by bike or via boat trips on the canal. The nearby Halden Canal, known for its peaceful beauty and historic locks, invites you to adventure and recreation in nature.

A short journey from the facility you will find a selection of local restaurants, cozy cafes and shops offering everything from groceries to unique souvenirs. For those who prefer to spend time by the water, several idyllic bathing spots are within easy reach, perfect for a relaxing day under the sun.

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To ensure an optimal experience at Skulerud Motorhome Parking, we recommend that you book your space in advance, especially in the summer months when demand is high.

Respect the area's historical significance and the local environment by following resort guidelines and maintaining a low profile to preserve the tranquility of all guests. With these simple precautions in mind, you are well on your way to a memorable and pleasant stay at Skulerud Motorhome Parking, where history and nature go hand in hand with modern camping facilities.

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