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Welcome to Stall Colombine, a full-scale riding centre located in the scenic Gullbranna just outside Halmstad in Halland.

Since the first house on the farm was built in 2005 by Jeanette Ljungberg, the facility has developed step by step into a well-equipped place for horse enthusiasts. Today, Stall Colombine stands as a centre for horse and rider, with facilities that meet the needs of both experienced riders and beginners.

The facility includes a spacious riding centre that allows riders to train and develop their skills all year round, regardless of the weather. In addition to the arena, Stall Colombine offers a large paddock for outdoor training and a grass track where riders can practise speed and agility in a natural environment. These facilities are frequently used by the Gullbranna Hästförening for their riding school activities, which testifies to the quality and versatility of the facility.

Stall Colombine is not only a place for training and competition, but also a facility with deep history and heritage. The farm and stables are named after Jeanette's first horse, Colombine, whose bloodlines still remain on the farm. This creates a sense of continuity and tradition that permeates the entire operation.

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Stall Colombine is located in an area that offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors. With its location near Halmstad, one of Halland's largest cities, it is easy to find a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops for all tastes and needs.

The area around Gullbranna is also known for its beautiful scenery, which invites exploration on foot or by bike.

For those interested in sun and swimming, there are several attractive beaches nearby, perfect for relaxation or family outings during the hot summer months. Cultural destinations such as Halmstad Castle and Mjellby Art Museum offer interesting places to visit for those interested in culture.

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For guests planning to visit Stall Colombine, it is good to remember that advance booking is recommended, especially if you wish to participate in the riding school activities or use the facilities for your own training. It is also worth noting that Stall Colombine is an active riding centre where respect and consideration for the animals and their handlers is of the utmost importance. Visitors are encouraged to follow the facility's rules and guidelines to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all.

Whether you are an experienced rider looking for challenges or a beginner wanting to learn the basics of riding, Stall Colombine welcomes you to an inspiring stay in the heart of Halland.

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