Suomela Camping

Ouluntie 30, 86710 Kärsämäki


Suomela Camping is located in Kärsämäki, in the middle of Finland, along the 4 road.

It is a camping, recreation, outdoor recreation and event area owned by the municipality. We, the local tourism entrepreneurs, rented the area from the municipality for a limited period of time.

We warmly welcome you to stay and enjoy yourselves, and to discover the services offered by the municipality.

We employ local young adults in the area.

Depending on the time of day and the situation, the café offers a selection of snacks, both sweet and savoury, as well as coffee and other refreshments.

In the campsite café you can buy a breakfast bag for the morning in the evening, order a bag to be picked up in the morning or book a breakfast to be enjoyed in the café hall or on the terrace.

The café does not have a licensed bar.

The traditional wood-fired sauna is heated by reservation and the price per hour is €12. Use of the washing machine €5 per machine.

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You can buy sausages to grill yourself at the campfire site.

Shops are nearby and lunch is also available, as well as a bakery café, Paakarin Pysäkki, which serves lovely bakery products.

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Good to know

The distance to Oulu is a good 124 km.

Welcome to visit us!

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