Tuusniemi Caravan

Mustolantie 5, 71200 Tuusniemi


Tuusniemi Caravan, located in the beautiful municipality of Tuusniemi, offers an unforgettable holiday in the heart of nature. This destination is perfect for those looking for a peaceful escape from everyday life.

The caravan area has comprehensive services to ensure a comfortable stay. There is a barbecue area where you can enjoy atmospheric barbecue evenings. For children and child lovers, the AngryBirds multifunctional boat offers fun activities.

Visitors can also enjoy a beach volleyball court and a performance stage that brings life and entertainment to the area.

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There are many attractive services and activities in the vicinity of Tuusniemi Caravan. The HojoHojo entertainment centre and the Savetar pottery factory in the harbour area offer unique experiences and the opportunity to enjoy local culture.

The Pearl of Lake Juojärvi, the harbour pavilion, offers beautiful views and a relaxing environment.

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Tuusniemi Caravan's guest marina offers visitors high quality services. The marina price includes electricity, toilets and showers, as well as the use of a maintenance room and barbecue facilities.

This makes your stay easy and pleasant. The area is designed to meet the needs of all visitors, offering comfort and fun activities for all ages.

Book your place now and experience the unique combination of nature, culture and relaxation that Tuusniemi Caravan offers.

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