Vildmarksfisket i Mora

Fuänget 1, 792 75 Färnäs


Vildmarksfisket i Mora, located in scenic Färnos, offers a unique experience for all adventure seekers and nature lovers.

This idyllic campsite nestled by a sparkling lake and surrounded by the lush forests of Dalarna is the perfect starting point for an outdoor adventure.

Here visitors can embark on world-class fishing expeditions, where precious fish await in the crystal clear waters. With Put and Take fishing in three scenic lakes, where you can catch up to two fish per day per person, we promise an exciting and rewarding fishing experience.

For those looking for more than just fishing, Vildmarksfisket i Mora also offers facilities for business conferences, relaxation in the sauna and magnificent opportunities for gatherings in nature.

The campsite is especially adapted for larger groups, making it an ideal place for family gatherings or team building activities. After a day of adventure, guests can take a dip in the cool stream or simply enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding nature.

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The surrounding region is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural experiences. Close to Vildmarksfisket in Mora are Dalarna's most picturesque sites, including the magnificent Stortjärn lake with its pitches and inviting beach.

Accommodation in our charming lakeside Sjöstuga offers direct access to fishing and relaxation, with the opportunity to explore the nearby forests and lakes.

The area is rich in cultural heritage and traditions, giving visitors the chance to experience Dalarna's unique lifestyle and history, all within easy reach of the campsite.

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For your visit to Vildmarksfisket in Mora, it is important to remember to book your place in advance to guarantee your experience in this sought-after destination.

The fishing licence, which costs SEK 350 per day per person, is your ticket to an unforgettable fishing experience, at no extra cost.

We encourage all visitors to respect nature and the rules that uphold sustainable and responsible fishing practices. Whether you are here to fish, explore or just relax in the beautiful surroundings, Vildmarksfisket i Mora is the place where memories are made for life.

Book your stay today and experience the pristine wilderness of Mora - a place where adventure and nature intertwine in harmony. Welcome to a world of discovery!

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