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Vimmerby Camping Nossenbaden, 598 93 Nossenbaden


Vimmerby camping is the facility that is made for the whole family. Beautifully located by Lake Nossen only 3 km from Vimmerby, in our beautiful Småland. Vimmerby camping offers several facilities such as miniature golf course, wood-fired sauna, playground, restaurant with full rights and much more.

Vimmerby camping is the campsite where you can socialize. Why not hang out in the café or enjoy the fine breakfast service in the morning right next to the beautiful beach and swimming area. at Vimmerby camping, even the four-legged friends are welcome.

At Vimmerby camping you will find 196 electric pitches for caravans and motorhomes. There are also other forms of accommodation such as hostels, cottages, apartments and tents.

If you don't mind the cold, you can visit Vimmerby camping at any time of the year. The site has a sauna that keeps you warm in the toughest conditions. If you are only looking for the warm summer evenings, we recommend either the month of July, when the campsite is full of life and movement, or the month of August if you are looking for a slightly quieter visit.

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Vimmerby camping has the beautiful forest and lake Nossen as its closest neighbors. In the sloping environment you can enjoy the sunset from all parts of the site. Vimmerby camping is only a 5 minute drive from Astrid Lindgren's world.

For those who do not know, Astrid Lindgren's world is actually not just one world but several worlds that are gathered in one place. at this facility you will find living environments where over 50 different performances are played with scenes and environments taken directly from Astrid Lindgren's fairy tale treasure. After a good night's sleep at Vimmerby camping, you get the chance to walk through the incredible and well-known places like Törnrosdalen, Körsbärsdalen and beautiful Junibacken. In a completely different world just nearby we find Villa Villekulla and if that is not enough, you also find Mattisskogen. Of course, Vimmerby camping also offers family packages for Astrid Lindgren's world.

Although the most famous attraction close to Vimmerby camping is Astrid Lindgren's World, the beach at Vimmerby camping is considered the best in Vimmerby municipality. The beach is not very shallow but despite this, it is very easy for a parent to keep an eye on the children from the nice lawn. On the beach you can enjoy various swimming opportunities and why not rent a canoe or pedal boat or take a bath at the lake sauna that is right next to the campsite.

Inside Vimmerby you will also find restaurants such as Vimmerby torg and Bakfickan located only 3 km from the campsite. Here you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and stroll around the idyllic small town.

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The gate at the campsite opens at 07:00 in the morning and locks again at 23:00 in the evening. At Vimmerby camping, there are always staff who sleep in the area during the night to be able to help in case of anything.

  • The nearest airport is Linköping Airport, located 85 km from Vimmerby camping.
  • If you arrive after 22:00, you need to notify the campsite in advance.
  • The Nossen restaurant and bar are only open during the summer season.
  • Silence rules apply between 23:00 and 07:00.
  • 18 year limit applies to check-in and smoking is prohibited.
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A warm welcome to Vimmerby Camping!

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